Couple Cooking Class. Cooking For The Diabetic.

Couple Cooking Class

couple cooking class

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A couple in the dark

A couple in the dark

A couple accept to be photographed while walking on the South Bank. London, 4th December 2008

I wanted to test the new Canon 5D Mark II as it was my camera, taking my usual photos. Some of the other bloggers who had been selected to test the camera with me were focusing on landscapes, macros or other things, but this did not stopped me from taking candids and portrait. On the South Bank I crossed these two guys, who were walking and smiling in a low red light. Usually my camera would have been away already, or it would have been suffering in the widest aperture and highest ISO setting. I approached them with the real truth: "Hi guys, sorry for stopping you, I am testing a new Canon camera and I would love to take a photo of you two...may I?". The two looked one the other for a while, suppressing some laugh, then they agreed. I took some shots and I thanked them.
When I downloaded the photo on my laptop I remained hit by the detail of the shot. To be a ISO 1600 I think this is stunning. Zooming in you can see some grain, especially on the black parts, nevertheless the quality of my 40D far away!

Couple in Rome

Couple in Rome

A young couple in the Roman Forum, Rome.

Seven Image HDR -3->+3 converted to sepia in Lightroom.

couple cooking class

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